COVID-19 update:
Effective June 1st, 2021 if you have been vaccinated you are no longer required to wear a mask. We do ask that if you have not been vaccinated you continue to wear your mask for the protection and safety of others in the salon. If you have been vaccinated and would prefer to keep your mask on you are of course welcome to do so. The Concept Salon Team has been vaccinated but if you are uncomfortable with the stylist performing your service not wearing a mask please let us know and we will be happy to wear it to make you feel more comfortable. Please also be aware that we cannot ask the other clients in the salon at the time of your service that have been vaccinated choosing to not wear a mask to put their mask back on. Thank You. 

Cancellation Policy 


Why is this so important?

We want to start this out by thanking all of our loyal and understanding clients. Without your support, we would not be able to confidently stand behind our policy. We feel strongly that the clients who visit us repeatedly and respect us as professionals will understand our reasoning.

Did you know that in our industry, most Stylists and Salon’s earn their income by commission?  This means they do not make a salary, and they do not get paid hourly.  They earn their living by taking care of the clients in their chair.  If a client doesn’t show up for their appointment or cancels with little notice, this doesn’t leave an opportunity for the Stylist to book another appointment meaning they have lost out on their income for the day.

This is the standard at which we have to hold ourselves and our clients. Its unfortunate that such a policy has to exist but sadly as its always the case, a few can ruin it for everyone.

As of October 22nd, 2019, Concept Salon will be keeping credit cards on file for all chemical services (this includes color, highlighting, balayage, keratin treatments, extensions etc.) It is our guarantee that you will never be charged unless you break the standards of our salon policy. We hope you understand this is solely about our ability to make a living and we hope you continue to be a part of our growing salon family.

Thank you for your understanding!

Concept Salon

Our Policy

In the event that you need to cancel your appointment, please be sure to give us a minimum of a 24-hour notice. This allows your stylist to book other clients during this time slot. Any appointments that are canceled with less than a 24-hour notice are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of your scheduled service. Cancellation notices must be given earlier for some services such as for Bridal Packages and Color Corrections (services exceeding 3 hours). Any appointments that are ‘no show’ will be subject to 50% of all the scheduled service(s).

Grace & Exceptions

We understand that accidents happen, people get sick and/or emergencies occur.  We also do understand some careers such as nurses and doctors require you to be on call for your jobs. Please let us know if you are in an industry that requires this, and we will be happy to put you on a designated appointment list so we can prevent such charges. We will do our best to accommodate these occasions with grace.  Unfortunately, we do record these occurrences so as to prevent abuse of the policy. We understand this may come across as shrewd but our only goal is to be preventative in order to protect and accommodate our team and our clients.