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Concept Salon is proud to carry Platinum Seamless Extensions! Platinum seamless extensions are made of the finest 100% human remy hair cut from individual braids. 3 and 1.5 inch (wide) pieces are the softest, smoothest, thinnest and most comfortable adhesive gel attachments on the market. Something the brand prides themselves on is the unique .25 inch height of their attachment, which is commonly 50% less than most other tape-in extensions. Their unique attachment size options, in both width and height, truly place Platinum Seamless as the market leaders in the hair extension category. 

Concept Salon also carries their Hand Tied Skin Weft line! This is a new method of extensions using the same high grade Human Remy Hair. This offers a seamless approach to extensions with 75% less damage. Gone are the days of worrying about the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair and whether it will break down the glues in your extensions. It allows an effortless daily life, making all styles possible with no visible track lines or points of attachment. This method attaches the hair at various points in the head to remove tension in large areas, making the life of your extensions last longer as well! 

All extensions are priced upon consultation so we can ensure we are getting you the exact color and length you desire.

Don't worry though, our consultations are FREE! 

Click below to book your consultation!

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