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Big Hair Ball Education

Reinventing the up-do, creative thinking, construction and the distribution of Avant Garde hair


Concept: 336-897-1213 / Indira: 336-324-4810



2915 M Battleground Ave.

Greensboro, NC 27408

Class Date:

Monday, November 8th, 2021

Class Time:

11:00 AM

Why are we offering this class? 

The Big Hair Ball has changed the way we think of hair. As the event has evolved over the years, so have the needs of the creators that help make the event what it is! Its our goal to leave you feeling confident in your abilities to conceptualize, construct and create a beautiful show stopper piece of art for the show! As we all know, once you learn the rules, you can break them. With the hair designer portion of the event being broken into 3 levels it allows all hair designers the chance to shine in the exact area they know they can! This class will touch on all 3 areas of the event. Giving you the knowledge you need to tackle the level you desire whether you are fresh on the floor or a master stylist!

The class breakdown ...

This class will focus on the 3 aspects of The Big Hair Ball Hair Designer portion of the event. Beginning with your basics. How to create bases, structure and volume that can be molded into what you need to start your design. The second portion of the class will focus on the actual design of your piece. Using simple conceptualizing techniques we will teach you how to get your piece from just an idea to a workable design for your models head. In the final stage of this class you will learn how to create proper application and execution through tension, balance and structure points on the head ensuring your model has a wearable, long lasting result with the most minimal pain possible. 

The details of the 3 hair levels ... 

Base Rules for all levels 
-    70% of the model’s real hair must be utilized within the design whether in a visual or structural way to be able to “win” within your level. (i.e. No wigs, helmets or pieces simply put upon the head)
-    Pieces must remain at or below 4 lbs. in weight (depending on attachment)
-    Pieces must remain at or below 3 feet in height.
-    Body harnesses to maintain weight and height may be used in a non-visual way and should not leave any cuts, marks or damages to the model’s body.




-    Utilizing the model’s natural hair with some additional hair pieces allowed for volume, height and structure. 
-    Appearance of piece is more of an organic form. Utilizing normal styling methods, shapes and stylees in an avant-garde way. 
-    Rhinestones, glitter, beads, string etc. may be used in a detailing way but not to create structures. 
-    Minimal heights are preferred but some height allowed (possibly kept below 1 ½ feet) but is done in a way that would be considered a natural achievement for volume. 
-    Adjustments for smoothing, forming and molding (i.e. Sock buns, hair puffs, mesh inserts etc.) are allowed

-    These pieces contain more structure. Many add-ins allowed for forming (i.e. Foam balls, squares, wires etc.) 
-    The attention to detail is higher. All allowances of level 1 are included in level 2 as well as more height.
-    Height to remain no higher than 2 feet if it is considered within the main structure of the piece. Feathers, wires, string or accents going above 2 feet are fine. 

 -   This is full structure. Forms, shapes, smoothing and the highest level of details.  All allowances of level 1 and 2 are included.
-    Height must be no more than 3 feet and weigh no more than 4 pounds. 
-    Outside of structure and safety considerations there are no other rules.

big hair ball runway graphic.png
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